Matsuyama Station - Social Science

Social science researdh section is constructed in fisheries society, a culture research field and fisheries economy, a management research field.

In addition, for the solution to problems to occur in local marine products industry, fishing village area, it is a section to study from social science-like approach such as sociology and cultural anthropology, economics, the business administration.

Particularly, we promote a research from the viewpoint of food system grasping a process to production - processing - distribution - sale - consumption, culture about fishery products (fishery thing, fisheries food) for total.

Research Topics

Research on "Gyoshoku" and "Food education"

  • Research on contents, method, development of "Gyoshoku education"
  • Research about becoming it "Gyoshoku" based fish food spread and the sixth industry

Research on fish industrial and aquaculture

  • Examination of becoming it food education-related local collaboration
  • Examination such as events for the food education promotion
  • Examination of the food education promotion in the school education spot
  • Research on bonito industry culture

Research on fisheries distribution and sales promotion

  • Research on marine products distribution, sales promotion
  • Research for the competition predominance creation at the aquaculture production area
  • Research on production distribution information management system