South Ehime Fisheries Research Center (SEFREC) Ehime University is located in southern Ehime Prefecture, on the island of Shikoku in Japan. The Center was established in 2008 under the cooperation with Ainan town and Ehime Prefecture. The Center promotes research and education that contribute to the local aquaculture and fisheries while being recognized internationally.

The SEFREC is surrounded by the Uwa Sea that is inhabited by various marine plants and animals representing one of the most diverse marine environments within whole Japan. Besides, the Uwa Sea owns optimal condition for marine aquaculture having a warm stable climate, offshore influenced by Kuroshio current, and long, deep inlets protecting farming location from unfavorable conditions. Thus, it is not surprising that marine aquaculture and fisheries represent main industry within the region and have strong ties to the local society. Within this diverse environment, SEFREC acts as a “living organism” with active interactions to local nature, society, and fisheries industry.



September 6

Dr. Fran and Dr. Tyler were invited from the United States to hold a seminar.


1.Dr. Fran's seminar

Water quality, climate change, and aquatic resources (salmon, shellfish, and orca whales) in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States

2.Dr. Tyler's seminar

How to reach sustainable energy for urban transportation by a network of electric-bike class automated vehicles


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