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It is the cultured, most suitable environment of the fishery products which the Uwa Sea receiving the Ehime Nannyo area has the complicated topography having a Rias coast, and the depth of the water is deep, and have the inflow of the tide from the Kuroshio Current.

Furthermore, the clean sea bringing up coral is scenic and is appointed in the underwater park of Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park.

We push forward a research to use it for the marine products industry continuously while following this splendid environment in the environment life science  section.

Coast environmental research and study of the area of the sea information system

Aerial view of the sea
Aerial view of the sea
  • Research on coastal environment
  • Advancement of the area of the sea information system and study on red tide, fish disease measures

Discharge of the DNA analysis technique, application to cultivate and elucidation of the breeding style

  • Research on chase of the discharge creature, grasp of the discharge effect and management
  • Development of an estimate and the exclusion method of the outbreak factor of the abnormal seed and sapling in the culture
  • Research on selection and management of the breeding system
  • Research on management of the genetic diversity of the wild fish


Anemone fish and sea anemones
Anemone fish and sea anemones

Cooperation with the local instructional activity

Big catch flag of Gyoshoku
Big catch flag of Gyoshoku
  • Utilization of the picture book of "Ehime & Ainan's fish"
  • Examination of the utilization as the teaching materials of the aquatic

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