Marine Product Science Course

This department at SEFREC conducts research in the Aquaculture and Livestock Production and Bioresource Economics courses. We conduct educational research aimed at developing these basic research and applied technologies.

See this link for details ⇒Faculty of Collaborative Regional Innovation, Ehime University

Research Field Information

 Prof. T.Matsubara & Asst. Prof. Goto

Life Science (Nishiura Station)

Research on Smart, Blue Squid, Satsuki Trout, etc.

 Asst. Prof. Shimizu

Environment Science (Funakoshi Station)

Research on fish disease, red tide, etc.

 Prof. Wakabayashi

Social Science (Matsuyama Station)

Fisheries society and culture research.

Recent student research themes

 Marine Production Science Course (FY 2019~)

FY 2019

  Technology development for infertility induction of suma
  Basic research for producing large yellowtail
  Research on taste of suma
  Analysis of sediment environmental characteristics in Fukuura Bay, Ainan-Cho

  Research on cryopreservation of  Red spotted masu trout sperm

  Effects of isomaltooligosaccharide-added diet on physiological status of cultured red sea bream

  Research on the structure of the reproductive tract of Bigfin Reef Squid

  Fundamental research on muscle fiber density of suma

 Marine Production Special Course (~ FY 2018)

FY 2018

  Efficient production of Satsuki trout seedlings and selection of excellent individuals
  Behavioral analysis of harmful red tide plankton Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Misho Bay, Ainan-cho
  Early detection method for red sea bream infectious diseases at aquaculture sites
  To establish a gonad preservation protocol for suma

FY 2017

  Analysis of growth characteristics of river eel parent fish in onshore tank and development of artificial insemination technology

  Research on body temperature of small tuna "suma"

  Identification of the breeding season of coral food snails

  Empirical study on the use of insect-derived functional polysaccharide “Silkrose®” in fish farming: effectiveness for parasitic diseases and meat quality improvement

  Analysis of fish pathogen genes in fish culture

 Bioenvironmental Conservation Course (~ FY 2018)

FY 2017

  Behavioral analysis of harmful red tide plankton gene in aquaculture area -For the prediction of red tide occurrence-

  Analysis of fish pathogen genes in fish culture sea area