Marine Product Science Course

This department at SEFREC conducts research in the Aquaculture and Livestock Production and Bioresource Economics courses. We conduct educational research aimed at developing these basic research and applied technologies.

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Research Field Information

 Prof. T.Matsubara & Asst. Prof. Goto

Life Science (Nishiura Station)

Research on Smart, Blue Squid, Satsuki Trout, etc.

 Asst. Prof. Shimizu

Environment Science (Funakoshi Station)

Research on fish disease, red tide, etc.

 Prof. Wakabayashi

Social Science (Matsuyama Station)

Fisheries society and culture research.

Recent student research themes

 Marine Production Special Course

FY 2018

  Efficient production of Satsuki trout seedlings and selection of excellent individuals
  Behavioral analysis of harmful red tide plankton Cochlodinium polykrikoides in Misho Bay, Ainan-cho
  Early detection method for red sea bream infectious diseases at aquaculture sites
  To establish a gonad preservation protocol for suma

FY 2017

  Analysis of growth characteristics of river eel parent fish in onshore tank and development of artificial insemination technology

  Research on body temperature of small tuna "suma"

  Identification of the breeding season of coral food snails

  Empirical study on the use of insect-derived functional polysaccharide “Silkrose®” in fish farming: effectiveness for parasitic diseases and meat quality improvement

  Analysis of fish pathogen genes in fish culture

FY 2016

  Development of artificial seminal plasma for establishment of artificial insemination technology for stephanolepis cirrhifer

 Search for suitable water temperature for growth and maturation of squid

  Development of new control technology for harmful red tides

 Trial of integrated production of Satsuki trout (Oncorhynchus masou ishikawae) in Ainan

 Observation of physiological changes associated with nutritional status of anchovy

 Bioenvironmental Conservation Course

FY 2018

  Behavioral analysis of harmful red tide plankton gene in aquaculture area -For the prediction of red tide occurrence-

  Analysis of fish pathogen genes in fish culture sea area

FY 2017

 Research on the use of a novel insect-derived polysaccharide: Silkrose for fish farming

 Research on correlation between pearl oyster shells and pearls produce d-Can the size of pearls be predicted from shells? -

 Modification of tyrosinase gene by genome editing aimed at breeding of suma

 Development of an early detection method for fish disease infection -Targeting red sea bream edovadierosis-

 Funakoshi Sta.

1289-1, Funakoshi, Ainan-cho Minamiuwa-gun, Ehime, 798-4205, Japan

tel. +81-895-82-1022

fax. +81-895-82-1026  


 Nishiura Sta.

25-1, Uchidomari, Ainan-cho Minamiuwa-gun, Ehime, 798-4206, Japan

tel. +81-895-73-7112

fax. +81-895-73-7113  


 Matsuyama Sta.

3, Bunkyocho, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime, 790-0826, Japan

tel. +81-89-927-8145

fax. +81-89-927-8820