South Ehime Fisheries Research Center, commonly known as SEFREC, is an interdisciplinary research and education facility established in April 2008 through the collaboration between the local town of Ainan and Ehime University. Located in the Nanyo district of Ehime Prefecture, the center aims to promote regional development through the fisheries industry. The center operates two main stations:  the "Funakoshi Station" and the "Matsuyama Station."

Over the years, SEFREC has undertaken two major projects: the Innovation Cluster Program (2009-2011) in urban areas and the Regional Innovation Strategy Program starting in 2012. In April 2013, a new branch, the "Nishiura Station," was opened in "Umiliku Ainan" (Ainan Town Regional Industry Research and Extension Center), which was established by Ainan Town.

The center is strategically located along the Uwa Sea, an area known for its abundant fisheries due to the Kuroshio Current. The coastal region's ria coastlines provide calm waters, making it one of Japan's premier locations for aquaculture, including the farming of fish, shellfish, and pearls. The center focuses on research that promotes the development of aquaculture. By leveraging the outcomes of these research activities, SEFREC aims to contribute to regional development by collaborating with Ehime Prefecture, local municipalities in the Nanyo region, and various fisheries-related organizations.

The SEFREC logo, which forms an "e" for Ehime University when viewed from the right and an "a" for Ainan Town when viewed from the left, depicts fish swimming in clear waters. The combination of the three parts represents a new fisheries science through the collaboration of three academic disciplines: life sciences, environmental sciences, and social sciences. This symbol also expresses that the research center is a cradle watching over the future of the ocean's bounty.

SEFREC Japanese Language web site
SEFREC Japanese Language web site